Michele Salt

michele salt

This is a nice life’s story that we want to share with you!


On June 27th, 2011, Michelle was out for an evening ride with some friends when she lost control of my motorcycle going 121 kms an hour. Her body and her bike dragged across the pavement until she hit a guardrail, flew several feet in the air and hit the guardrail again. Upon impact, she broke 13 bones including her hips, pelvis, vertabras, clavicle and femur in two places which severed her femoral artery. Her body was so twisted and contorted that it was unsure if she was male or female to those first on scene.

3 complete strangers didn’t hesistate to stop, call 911 and laid on the ground holding her hand while she almost bleed to death. In total she lost 28 units of blood in less than 36 hours which is close to 3 times what her body holds.

STARS along with RCMP officer, Firefighters and EMTs were all by her side with 15 minutes and 23 minutes after hitting that guardrail, she was being rushed through the doors at the Foothills trauma centre with only a minute to spare.

She went through 5 major surgeries in 10 days. She was put on life support and her chances of survival were slim to none. Her fate was left in the hands of doctors, blood donors and God.

Due to her severed artery and deep laceration, she had lost all blood flow in my right leg. Doctors worked tirelessy that night and following day to repair what they could but Sadly, her right leg could not be saved and on June 29th, her new life begun as an amputee and a Survivor.

Everyday she is very thankful and because she is grateful to be alive, she has made the best of her situation. In less than a year, she has re-learned how to walk, run, drive, do the dougie, boulder, kayak, play sit volleyball and basketball, hit a baseball, swim and cycle with one leg. She’s back to selling Real Estate and is now focusing on helping people with disabilities! she was told that it would take her years to get back on my snowboard, which was her biggest passion but being the stubborn French Canadian that she is, she got back on my board only 7 months after her accident. She is extremely proud to share that as of July, she’s the only female on the Canadian para-snowboard national team and is working on representing Canada in the 2014 paralympic games in Sochi Russia.