Nick Newell


Nick Newell is an American mixed martial artist, who fights at lightweight.[1] He is well known for being a one-armed fighter, with his left arm ending just after the elbow, meaning he has no left hand and does not have most of his left forearm.


From birth, Newell had a left arm that stopped past the elbow because of a condition called congenital amputation. But he adapted with his one arm, going into his high school wrestling team. He thought about quitting after his very first session because it was ‘the hardest thing I had done in my life’ as he says, but his mother did not allow him, and instead he worked hard from then on.

Newell has over 300 victories between high school and college in wrestling.

Newell stated that whilst growing up he idolized former Yankees pitcher Jim Abbott, who has no right hand and was an inspiration for Newell to challenge himself.

His roommate in college was current WWE superstar Curt Hawkins. They would watch The Ultimate Fighter, which was on the same channel right after WWE Raw, and Newell has said this is what inspired him to take up MMA.

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