Quality Certification

Quality Certification

Since many years KARMA is ISO 9001 certified by the German TÜV, which is known for its stringent standards. Our quality standard and certification is yearly re-examined by the German TÜV to ensure that KARMA sustains its commitment to  top quality products and processes. KARMA has consistently passed the annual on-site inspections conducted by the TUV for many years. This spirit of continued commitment to excellence is in line with KARMA’s principles.
KARMA’s expertise includes the areas of electrical and electronic engineering, mechanical structure, and product design. The market value of KARMA products is sustained and protected because of the numerous patents that we have obtained in many countries.

Design & development

Seamless Integration of Automation and Human energy

After over 25 years of marketing mobility products, KARMA continues to absorb advanced medical knowledge, accrue human energy, and nurture personal growth. A seamless integration of these ingredients has made our fully automated medical engineering design and quality production processes both intelligent and human.

The Central European Product Management department translates its over 20 years of market experience into products that fit completely into the needs of the users and the market demands.

Computer Integrated Manufacturing

Production processes are closely monitored and controlled by the most advanced computer integrated manufacturing system in the industry. Each minute detail and every corner is perfectly addressed.

Advanced Computer Design and Simulation

KARMA has successfully marketed its mobility products in many developed countries around the globe. To meet and exceed the high expectations from these customers, KARMA has established a testing systems according to the stringent international standards for medical devices. All product designs go through rigorous computer simulation and testing to surpass the requirements of high quality mobility products.

Global Collaboration and Customization

Collaborating with medical professionals from different parts of the world, KARMA is able to offer products that suit the needs of distinctive markets.

Production Processes & Technologies

Thanks to its dynamic capabilities, Karma is capable of carrying out R&D and production to suit the different needs of its diverse group of customers. This is why Karma has been working closely with clients in over 40 countries. With input from many distributors around the world, Karma immerses itself in the most advanced R&D of mobility products to improve continuously

Our advanced ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system connects every corner of our clean and spacious facilities and enables the uninterrupted production of top quality products.Scientific management controls and monitors all of our production processes. From the acquisition of raw materials to the delivery of finished products, every process surpasses the requirements of ISO9001, FDA, CE, and German TUV certification standards.

As a result of its relentless pursuit of quality in the past 25 years, Karma’s highly acclaimed aluminium-alloy wheelchairs are among the top sellers in over 40 countries. We take business ethics seriously and insist on quality and excellence. Our wheelchairs are made of rigorously selected aerospace-grade aluminium-alloy. Compromising material quality for cost saving has never been a consideration.

Over one million people in five continents benefit from a dependable Karma wheelchair. Our safe and comfortable wheelchairs enable a high quality of life.