VIP 515

I bought a transit wheelchair KARMA model VIP 515 which is very good both indoor and outside. This wheelchair has included the tilt which allow to change body position during the day, therefore, it is very suitable during working time and relax moments. Obviously the self propel is not included but this is normal, being a transit model. This chair has also the attendent’s brakes which permit the attendent to drive safely during down streets. Very important: the tilt is easily activated by the attendent through a device. Dont’ forget to include the comfort cushion which off course is waterproof and washable that, by the time being, gets personally shaped by the legs, so that it supports in a very comfort way. This wheelchair has a strong construction, moreover, it has also the function to adjust the armrest height, which is a very important option for people that spend big part of the day on a wheelchair. VERY SUGGESTED!! Sig. Cavalino Italian user