We recommended: Disability in Kidlit



Disability in Kidlit began as a month-long event in July 2013, featuring daily posts by readers, writers, bloggers, and other people from the YA and MG communities discussing disability and kidlit.

Due to the fantastic reactions we received during that month, we decided to let Disability in Kidlit live on! We feature a post on the first Friday of each month. These posts range from reviews of YA/MG books featuring disabled characters to explanations of tropes and stereotypes or articles about people’s personal experiences with disability. Thoughtful portrayals of disability require more than memorizing a list of symptoms; we hope that sharing people’s day-to-day experiences, pet peeves, and thoughts on various disability-related topics will help readers and writers learn about the realities of disability, which are often quite different from what you read in books or see on TV.

All our contributors identify as disabled themselves, and we aim to present a wide range of perspectives and experiences.

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