We recommended: The Limbless Knight – A Tale of Rights Reignited

A scene from The Limbless Knight

Films are in black and white or colour. This film is in grey. These are the grey stories that need to be told.

In this immersive theatre experience you are invited to play extras in a film where nothing is as it seems. Tensions are high as our human rights are on the verge of being rewritten which sparks passion, protest and a call to arms.

Will a new sacrifice have to be made?

Who will put themselves forward?

This new aerial and sway pole outdoor production features performers from the London 2012 Paralympic Games Opening Ceremony and has all the Graeae aesthetics of sign language and audio description embedded within the narrative.

Director Jenny Sealey
Designer Sofie Layton
Music and Sound Design Lewis Gibson
Aerial Choreographers Tina Carter, Grant Mouldey
Bespoke aerial equipment Tina Carter

Next performance:

Saturday 7 September 2013 2pm & 5.05pm
National Paralympic Day featuring Liberty Festival
Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, Stratford
Free event

Font: http://www.graeae.org/productions/the-limbless-knight-a-tale-of-rights-reignited/