EVO Altus

The EVO Altus expands on the already extensive Karma product range. With its unique design and form in combination with its multiple functionalities and the ability to be easily adapted for individual customization, this makes it the perfect choice for your new standing powerchair.

The EVO Altus captivates with its extremely low seat to floor height this in combination with a battery capacity of up to 85ah without incurring any restrictions on the seat positioning. So, whether you are in a sitting/standing/lying or even a personally tailored stand position nothing is impossible! The chair offers a variant of speed options ranging from 4/6/8mph, this in conjunction with the chassis’ proven hydraulic independent suspension system maximizing the comfort and ride quality of the Evo Altus.  During the development of the EVO Altus, the ease of adjustment and servicing was at the forefront of its design allowing service technicians to grow the seat depth without the need for any additional components such as linkage bars. The R-Net-control system is fitted to the chair as standard. This allows you to operate the many electrical functions of the chair through the joystick and this system also serves as a platform for a wide variety of specialist steering controls such as chin control, head control and switch control it even has the facility to operate infrared and Bluetooth devices through the joystick with R-Net controls the possibilities are endless.

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