MID Lectus

The MID Lectus is one of the latest additions to the Karma product family. With its clear design, colour concept and styling it is a real eye-catcher.

The MID Lectus impresses with its powerful mid-wheel drive chassis, making it extremely compact and maneuverable. The 6 individually mounted wheels with their hydraulic suspension offer a high level of ride comfort and stability. Equipped with the proven Lectus seating system the MID also offers a high level of seating comfort, with an extensive range of seating adjustments. Equipped with the latest R-Net drive technology the possibilities for special controls are endless from head controls to chin controls and a multitude of joystick controls from extremely light touch right through to heavy duty. In addition, specialist adaptations can be made to the chair specifically tailored to meet the users needs. So all you need to do is ask!


  • Central leg support with manual bio-mechanical leg length adjustment
  • Bio-mechanical backrest ranging from 90 – 180°
  • Bio-mechanical height adjustable armrests
  • Manually height adjustable footplates
  • Parallel swingaway joystick mount
  • P&G R-Net-Control system
  • High-power front and rear LED-lighting
  • Black tyres (solid puncture proof available as option)
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