2018 Rehacare Highlights!

October 19, 2018

It has been an incredible week at Rehacare 2018. We met so many amazing visitors from all around the world. Karma achieved new milestones this year, launching our first robotic wheelchair concept, a brand new Pediatric Power wheelchair, and so much more. We are very grateful for all the positive energy and enthusiasm that everyone brought to our booth.

Here are some of the highlights of the four-day show.

– – – –

Mobotics Lab and iBuddy

“What do you want to do when you get old?” You might have lots of plans, but being pushed around on a wheelchair, is definitely NOT one of them. What if you can have a robot that can follow you around and can bring you home when you are tired? While the concept might sound like science fiction, it is not. It is something we all might need eventually. Remember a time when no one thought they needed a mobile phone? Today, mobile phones are nearly ubiquitous.

Built by Karma’s very own Mobotics Lab, iBuddy is a mobility robot that encourages the elderlies to walk as much as they want. We had the lovely “Uncle Eric” join us at Rehacare and show us how the older generation can still enjoy the benefits of new technology. According to Uncle Eric, iBuddy is not just a “pet.” iBuddy provides him a sense of security while still enjoying the outdoors.


We launched at Rehacare, Kameleon, Karma’s newest high-end pediatric power wheelchair.  It was thrilling to see the overwhelmingly positive feedback from therapists and distributors worldwide.

Designed for children ages 3 to 12 years old, Kameleon helps children develop their independent mobility in the smoothest way possible.  It is the first of its kind on the market to offer four power functions: power recline, tilt-in-space, elevating seat, and elevating leg-rest.

Besides all of its amazing features, Kameleon has a “keep a low-profile” design. According to the designer, “It is important to let the child be the main focus of his or her social interaction and not the wheelchair.” Therefore, the design is very simple and concise. The product can be expected to be on the market by March 2019.



The brand new LS-300 is a love child of NHD and Karma Medical.  Based on the design of Karma Leon power base and Lectus Seat, LS-300 breaks the record and is the lowest power wheelchair seat-to-floor-height on the market, with its stunning 30cm height!

The designer of LS-300, Øyvind Braseth, was on hand during the trade show. According to him, the seat-to-floor-height is critical for the user to overcome the environmental barrier, such as driving a car. LS-300 is low enough for the user to get into the driver seat or to reach the floor if need be. The power elevating seat module also allows the user to adjust seat height from 30cm to 60cm.


Flexx Family

Another highlight of the trade show is the new addition to the Flexx family, Flexx Junior.  It is a pediatric wheelchair designed to accommodate children as they grow and mature. We now have a more complete Prescriptive Product line.

We also updated the eFlexx* with a powerful motor and quick-release rear wheel design, which brings down the weight of the heaviest part to 15kg.
*Attendant-propel model



VIP 2 is one of the most popular models we have at our booth this year. The model is especially attractive to the Asian and parts of the European market, where “being able to fold” is a MUST for a tilt and recline wheelchair.