The SME vertical wheelchair series introduced in France

April 28, 2021

We are proud to announce that Karma’s SME Series, the manual wheelchair with electric verticalization, has recently been introduced to the French market.

About the SME Series

This manual chair with electric verticalization allows the user to easily a seating position as well as a standing position, at any time of the day. Available in several widths, and with numerous adjustments, it adapts to the greatest number of users.

The SME Series is very easy to use. When in seated position, it functions like a conventional manual wheelchair thanks to its low weight and active dynamics depending on the position setting of the rear wheels. Verticalization is controlled using a remote control. It’s very easy to switch from a seated position to a full upright position, with the possibility of stopping at any desired time.

The SME Series is a great chair for increasing your functional autonomy, and enjoying the daily medical benefits that standing up can bring. With 80% of the frame made of aluminum, the SME Series is a light armchair for its category. It is none the less robust, stable and secure. It has rear anti-tippers adjustable to secure movement. To maintain the user when standing up, the chair is equipped with front support pads lowering to the floor in the seat position vertical, a support belt at the pectoral level and an adjustable knee brace.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information about the SME Series.